Top 6 Tech Tools For Medical & Healthcare Providers

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    Top 6 Tech Tools For Medical Healthcare Providers

    What is the top tech tool you'd recommend for a medical or healthcare provider?

    To help you find top tech tools, we asked medical and healthcare experts and business leaders this question for their thoughts. From HIPAA compliant faxing to optimizing with AMS, there are several tech tools that experts would recommend for any medical or healthcare provider!

    Here are six tools for medical or healthcare providers:

    • Use HIPAA Compliant Faxing
    • Provide Cybersecurity Training
    • Automate Claims With AI
    • Offer Telehealth to All Patients
    • Optimize Daily Ops With AMS
    • Simplify Appointment Scheduling

    Use HIPAA Compliant Faxing

    If you are a healthcare provider or medical professional looking for a top tech tool to boost your productivity, I would recommend our iFax app. With iFax, users are able to send documents efficiently and, most importantly, securely while remaining HIPAA compliant. This tool has been used by healthcare organizations for over a decade in order to deliver a higher standard of care to their patients. Patients are able to benefit from iFax with easier interactions in the office or on the go.

    Eli Patashnik
    Eli Patashnik, iFax

    Provide Cybersecurity Training

    Certain industries are more prone to cyber-attacks than others. Medical and Healthcare are at the top of the list and as such need to be extra careful of how their data is secure and protected. With it being such a regulated industry, HIPAA requires more safeguards than most, especially with the shift to online patient records. Education is the most powerful tool when it comes to protection. Identifying phishing emails and information security awareness training are a priority to increase cyber security hygiene.

    Nick Santora
    Nick SantoraCEO, Curricula

    Automate Claims With AI

    The top tech tool I recommend for an insurance company or agent is AI-driven software that automates claims processing. Employing AI in capturing and sorting claims data, as well as in calculating detriment in a claim will help cut down on costs and reduce the risk of human error. Faster and more accurate processing of claims will help the agent or company meet client needs more efficiently.

    Carol Tompkins
    Carol TompkinsBusiness Development Consultant, AccountsPortal

    Offer Telehealth to All Patients

    As more and more people avoid going to the doctor’s office due to the spread of COVID-19, more and more clinics are able to offer phone or video chat consults for things like physical appointments or other less serious (and non-emergency) doctor visits. Telehealth would not only help people who don’t want to see a doctor in person but also people who are unable to make it due to family obligations, work, and lack of transportation in more impoverished areas of the country and the world where they still have access to a mobile phone to make those virtual visits. This would help keep medical facilities from getting overwhelmed with patients who are visiting with less serious health concerns and also reduce the spread of other diseases besides COVID.

    Chris Kindler
    Chris KindlerCommunications Director, Alight, Alight

    Optimize Daily Ops With AMS

    An Association Management System (AMS) is a tool that agencies can use to organize and optimize their daily operations. Usually, it is developed for specific sectors related to the insurance industry, such as health, property, etc. AMS is built according to the various specific needs of the insurance niche. Its main goal is to provide efficiency and save time. Some of the benefits the AMS tool provides are analysis, automation, control, integration, and storage. It can assist you in managing a beneficiary’s plan and updates regarding plan switching and disenrolling from an existing plan. The top AMS software options are Applied Epic, QQCatalyst, and AMS360.

    Simplify Appointment Scheduling

    Automated yet user-friendly systems for booking visits often make a difference in customer experience. Quickly finding the appointment based on a set of criteria and adding it to a Google Calendar is a standard expectation that is often not delivered. Automated email or text reminders lower absenteeism, generating significant savings for the healthcare provider.

    Michael Sena
    Michael SenaCEO & Lead Analytics Consultant, Senacea Ltd.